Books and Boogie

By no means am I saying that reading is boring. On the contrary! But after a long time on the sofa with a book, we feel the need to move. That’s what dancing is for…

At that moment, when our eyes start to close and our brain needs a break, dance is the perfect way to refresh. You can imagine the scene: You are engrossed in the adventures of your favorite character, but you feel that your body needs something more. Something to activate all your senses and make you feel alive.

Imagine suddenly playing your favorite music and starting to move. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional dancer or just someone who likes to sway to the beat of the music. What matters is the pleasure you get from each movement.

Dance has the magical ability to release us from stress and fill us with positive energy. Every little step, every turn, every rhythm reminds us that life is beautiful and full of emotions. If you think about it, even when we were children, our greatest joys were related to movement. We ran, jumped, spun – and all this made us happy.

But why is dance so special? Well, apart from being a fantastic way to express ourselves, it also has a host of health benefits. It improves our physical fitness, increases our flexibility and endurance, and also strengthens the heart and lungs. Last but not least, dance makes us feel socially connected when we dance with other people or simply share our joy of movement.

So, the next time you feel tired from reading or from everyday worries, think about dance. You don’t need to attend special classes or have a partner. Just turn on the music you love and start moving. Let your body guide you and your mind relax. Dance like nobody’s watching and let every movement bring you joy and liberation.

Because after all, life is a dance – a dance that brings us pleasure, freedom and many smiles. So, are you ready for the next song?